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With over 30 years of teaching experience, you can be rest assured that we know the best way to reach your goal of passing your driving test.

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Our pickup and drop-off location is at Admiralty MRT Station.

We are available daily including Public Holidays from 7am to 10pm.


We offer affordable and reasonable rates for both Beginner and Refresher lessons.

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Call 90-25-25-25 To Start Your Driving Lessons

We help our students pass their driving test and become competent and confident drivers.


"Mr Lim is the BEST driving instructor one could ever asked for. Trust me, I have changed countless instructors and Mr Lim was my 5th & final instructor. I can never been more blessed to be able to find such a brilliant instructor like Mr Lim who takes his profession seriously. His professional attitude and teaching style is one I have never seen in my previous instructors. It took me 4 years to learn driving, and yet Mr Lim helped me passed just within 4 months.

He is very devoted, hardworking, patient, humorous, professional & the best part, he has lots of faith in his students and goes all way out to help us to get our license as soon as possible. Where can you find a driving instructor that doesn’t want you to waste time & money on driving? Mr Lim is the only instructor I have come across who wants to help his student save time & money! He teaches you proper road safety on the road and makes circuit learning such a breeze.

He is really such a wonderful instructor that you’ll definitely miss him after you have passed your driving!"

Victoria Chai
22 Jan 2016
(Took lessons in Oct 2015. Passed by Jan 2016)

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"Mr Lim was a very friendly and helpful instructor who gives really sincere guidance. He has given me many tips throughout my lessons that were very useful. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.
Thank you Mr Lim!"

Kallen chong
Passed on 21 Mar 2016

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"My name is Hakim and I am a Class 3A student of Mr Lim. After about 3 months, I passed my Traffic Police Practical Test. All the time spent and knowledge taught by Mr Lim has finally paid off as I passed the test with my first try. I would like to thank Mr Lim for all the teaching that he gave me. The reason why I chose Mr Lim as my instructor is because my brother, who was Mr Lim’s former student, recommended me to learn driving from him. Furthermore, I realised that being a private student, it takes lesser time than the school student to pass the test as school student are required to go for a certain number lessons. For me, I just book the test and when the time comes, I just went for it. Not only that, I am able to fix my lessons with Mr Lim as and when I am free. So, when I have school or anything coming up last minute, I can inform him and change to other timings provided there are available slots.

Mr Lim is a strict but an easy-going instructor. He will spot my mistakes and will correct me on the spot so that I will not repeat the same mistakes in the test and also in the future. During the 3 months of learning from Mr Lim, I learnt many new things about driving. From manoeuvring to parking the car. He taught me simple yet effective steps to drive and park a cark properly which makes it easier for me. Now, I am relieved that I have finally gain the driving license. Big thanks to Mr Lim for everything."

Abdul Hakim
6 Mar 2015

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